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November 4th, 2009 @10:31 pm  

Hi Jan,

Patience is important and it’s in short supply for most people.
I guess it comes with age for some and never for others.
The lucky few have it seemingly naturally.

There are a few uses for impatience but largely it is a self defeating mechanism that wastes energy and irritates the hell out of everybody.

I can be very patient with some things and people while very impatient with others. The balance is still eluding me for the most part.

All your points make sense and are valid but impatience is deep seated and one needs to practice patience patiently.

I like your saying that you used to be the queen of impatience.

It reminds me of a lady we visited in Victoria who said of herself that she was the queen of kindness but also the queen of rudeness.

It was very funny but it can sometimes be true of most of us I think.
We can be kings and queens of kindness and kings and queens of rudeness at different times.

It would hold true for patience and impatience as well I imagine.


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