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October 22nd, 2009 @1:30 am  

Thank you for your wonderful book review! You did a great job summarizing the Overcomers, Inc. anthology AND you gave it “flavor”!

I also appreciated that fact that your own chapter was placed as the grand finale chapter in the book! Your story was a great reminder that I should give all my challenges and worries to God (so He can handle the results), because He’s going to be up all night anyway, right? :-) When I surrender (as you mention in your chapter), and take my action steps, and then let God handle the results (instead of me having to be in control all of the time)…He usually has a plan that is better than I can imagine!

Gratitude and God’s blessings to you Jan!
Susan M. Hampton
The FEEL N.O.W. Success Coach


October 22nd, 2009 @6:36 am  

Jan, thank you for your post.
This is an amazing book that will touch the lives of many people today, tomorrow and forever.


msark Said,
October 22nd, 2009 @4:51 pm  

Hello Jan,
I really appreciate your comments about our Overcomers. book. You have captured what all the authors were striving for - the sense that the most terrible events CAN be overcome with faith, courage and of course, the loving support of others.
Be well,

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