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December 29th, 2009 @2:23 pm  

Jan, I’m so glad you followed my advice and had a great meal at Zoola (and great experiences with local crafters).
If your readers want to learn more about my trip to Guatemala, the top three stories at http://www.frugalfun.com/travel.html#latinamerica are about that wonderful trip. (I’ve actually written two more that I want to publish in a paying market, on the Pacaya volcano and the area in and around Xela). The middle one,”Haight-Ashbury in the Guatemalan Mountains: San Pedro and Lake Atitlán,” covers the area you’re visiting.

December 29th, 2009 @4:16 pm  

Hi Shel, thank you for that link. I will definitely look it up. Unfortunately, the museum in San Pedro that you recommended was closed as it was Sunday but I will go back and do that the next trip to San Pedro and I´m sure I will be back to Zoolas.

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