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Brita Said,
January 29th, 2010 @12:41 am  

Hi Jan,
your paragraph “Rather than rush in and want to change everything immediately, it is far more prudent to sit back, observe, ask questions and really watch … and watch, listen and learn, it is the wisest course in the long run. You build trust and rapport and some amazing relationships.” is SO very true about raising kids too. As mine have been away for a while now, I’m doing a lot of listening on the phone, keeping my thoughts and comments to myself over the past year and a half, waiting to share when we’re finally back together in February face to face, and realizing I too have greater understanding and built more trust with my wise silence. It hasn’t always been very easy! But what you wrote is so wise and something I share with people as well. It’s so fun to read about your everyday life. You’re really doing what Joyce Meyer has talked so much about “enjoying everyday life’ !!
much love, xo

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