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NewsGator RSS and Enterprise Social Computing

NewsGator offers solutions for individual feed reading, enterprise RSS and enterprise social computing on SharePoint.

If you reached this page while trying to subscribe to an RSS feed, we recommend you try one of our award-winning RSS readers. If you’re interested in RSS or social computing for your company please take a look at NewsGator Social Sites.


Products for Individuals

FeedDemon For Windows

Bring the power of FeedDemon, PC Magazine's Editor's Choice free RSS Reader, to your Windows desktop. Get your news and podcasts automatically.

Free Download learn more learn more about FeedDemon RSS Reader by NewsGator

NetNewsWire For Mac

Bring the power of RSS right to your Mac desktop with the "Eddy" award-winning NetNewsWire. Get news and podcasts downloaded automatically with this powerful RSS and Atom reader.

Free Download learn more learn more about NewNewsWire RSS and Atom reader

NetNewsWire for iPhone

Bring the power of a NewsGator RSS reader right to your iPhone with NetNewsWire. Get news and information via a simple, clear user interface that complements the iPhone experience.

Premium (no ads)
– only $1.99 for a limited introductory period

Available on the iPhone App Store
Free! (Includes advertisements)

Available on the iPhone App Store

Products for Businesses

Social Sites Enterprise

Looking to enhance the social computing capabilities of SharePoint 2007. Fully integrated with SharePoint, Social Sites features include Online Communities, Social Network Graphs, Social Profiles, Social Profile Building, Activity Streams, Innovation Management, Social Computing Analytics, Enhanced RSS, Social Bookmarking, & Social Search. Learn how Social Sites can help your business increase productivity and improved collaboration.

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Social Sites Professional

Would you like to improve employee communications and reduce email overload? Social Sites Professional delivers secure RSS feeds from news sites, blogs, wikis and enterprise applications where your employees want them - the Web, mobile devices, e-mail clients and their desktops. Learn how Social Sites can help your business aggregate and distribute content more effectively.

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